Accelerate on Google Shopping


Accelerate on Google Shopping

One of Google Shopping’s greatest advantages comes in the form of a billion unique users on Google’s various platforms. Google Shopping represents an amazing ecommerce opportunity for new customer acquisition, as 60% of shoppers on Google Shopping are new to products.

Accelerate on Google Shopping


Accelerate on Google Shopping

Accelerating your Google Shopping business means using the right data and services to execute a strategy that can grow with you. We offer our technology and services at no added cost when we sell your product online.

Sell Everywhere

We offer AI-driven OMS and WMS technology, in-stock tracking, prep work, a global distribution network, FBM, WFS, cold ship, cross dock, and more.

Protect Your Brand

Our compliance experts offer monitoring for price, Buy Box ownership, MAP compliance, product suppression rates, and connections to key legal partners.

Boost Conversion

We offer content conversion optimization, 3D rendering, conversion impact reports, A+ Content, photography, graphic design, videography, customer support, and more through our world-class creative team.

Increase Traffic

Grow with automated advertising, SEO keyword automation, ads inventory protection, ad campaign management, social media strategy, influencer marketing execution, PPC expertise, and D2C site optimization.

Make Better Decisions

Our data science team offers global omnichannel reporting, market share analysis, AI recommendations, customizable reports, digital shelf competitor analysis, marketplace performance scoring, and more.

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Insights Lead to 39% Revenue Growth

“Pattern IS our data provider. Anytime you have insights at your fingertips, it provides an advantage. They always have our back and care about the data and insights just as much as we do.”

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90% Compliance in First 6 Months

“Pattern takes a maniacal approach to perfection. They do not sleep, they do not rest until we own a space.”

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